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Keys Direct Is A Irish & Uk Based Online Key Shop And Key Duplication Service. Keys Direct website allows you to duplicate keys using only photos, which is convenient and apparently easy to game. Get the most accurate copies, in the most convenient places. Copy any key for home, office, vehicle, RFID & more!. 

Location & Weight Based Shipping With Flawless Checkout.
Return on Investment of 92%
100% Targeted Irish Traffic.


Incorporating e-commerce, database searches, and a Lock Code To Key Finder system were all essential features to this redesign. After narrowing down the sitemap to a workable amount of pages, we were able to combine relevant information to create content-rich pages with clear calls to action.Using some of the pre-existing functionality we were able to add an easy-to-use search.


They needed a web application that could manage a massive inventory and increase conversions of both B2B and B2C clients. We migrated the website from X-Cart to the Loaded Commerce platform for superior inventory management and a streamlined sales process. Includes Automate internal business functions such as quote generation, inventory management, scheduling, driver availability and tracking, expanded search returns and flexible pricing options.

Technologies - PHP, jQUERY, MySql.


We’ve achieved a a custom, multi-lingual eCommerce platform with conversion centered design and features that attract and engage website visitors.  For this site, we found 75 keywords volume between 150 – 2900 ms, with similar PPC costs to the easy wins. We worked with the client to pick out high priorities and selected some keywords based on their industry trends knowledge (This is why we work WITH the customers to understand business goals).

2.91% CTR

20% less CPA

20% less CPA

Client - Brian Young

“Ankush is one of the most dedicated professionals I have had the pleasure to work with in my 30+ year career. he pays attention to detail and truly cares about his clients. For me, Ankush has gone above and beyond in many projects that we’ve worked on togethis. he is resourceful and gets othis experts involved when it’s needed to solve a problem. I’ve worked with his on our company website and his response time is amazing. In working with Ankush, it truly feels like I have a business partner in his who I trust and I know that he will always go to bat for me and for the company. In dealing with online issues, many factors can come into play and Ankush has an excellent ability at being able to get different parties involved to solve issues that come up.”

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