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BATON from Interra Systems speeds up quality and compliance checks for ZOO Digital, including closed captions and closed captions

CUPERTINO, California – September 28, 2021 – Interra Systems, a leading provider of quality control, monitoring and content analysis solutions for the digital media industry, today announced that ZOO Digital, a global provider of captioning services , dubbing and media localization based on cloud software for the television and film industry, has extended its deployment of the BATON® automated quality control solution from Interra Systems. BATON enables ZOO Digital to perform comprehensive quality and compliance checks on VOD content, enabling faster and more efficient delivery of globalized media content to its customers.

“With the recent explosion in video streaming, we anticipate an increased workload from customers around the world,” said Andy Saldaña, vice president of multimedia services and special projects at ZOO Digital. “As the volume of multimedia content we manage increases, Interra’s BATON solution will allow us to respond quickly to the quality control needs of our customers. BATON speeds up the creation of captions, audio dubbing, localized metadata, media compliance, and more, enabling our clients to reach new audiences and increase their revenue.

ZOO Digital has production facilities in the US, UK and Dubai. As a software and cloud-based solution, BATON from Interra Systems provides ZOO Digital with a highly scalable architecture that can easily be extended as its quality control needs increase. BATON supports a wide range of multimedia formats and offers comprehensive quality checks including extensive closed caption and closed caption checking, audio language identification, PSE correction, and detection and correction sound intensity.

“ZOO Digital was an early adopter of BATON and continues to be a valued customer who understands the important role automated quality control plays in global media distribution,” said Ashish Basu, executive vice president of global sales and business development at Interra Systems. “With BATON powering its quality control operations, ZOO Digital can ensure that the content delivered by some of the biggest names in the media and entertainment industry is always of exceptional quality. “

You can find more information on Interra Systems solutions at www.interrasystems.com.

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About Interra Systems (www.interrasystems.com)
Interra Systems is a global provider of enterprise solutions that streamline the process of classification, quality control (QC) and monitoring of multimedia content throughout the creation and distribution chain. By leveraging the comprehensive video information from Interra Systems, media companies can deliver videos with a high-quality experience, respond to new market trends, and improve monetization.

Widely adopted by broadcast, cable, telecom, satellite, IPTV, OTT and post-production markets around the world, Interra Systems products enable higher quality video , reduced exposure to regulatory issues and greater customer satisfaction. Featuring AI and machine learning-based algorithms, as well as a flexible software-defined architecture, Interra Systems solutions support a variety of deployment scenarios, including the cloud, for performance , greater scalability and efficiency.

The company’s industry-leading solutions include BATON, an enterprise-class, automated file-based quality control system that ensures high-quality content every step of the way; BATON Captions for efficient creation and distribution of video captions; BATON Lipsync for automated detection of audio-video synchronization; ORION-OTT for quality assurance of ABR streams, enabling flawless delivery of live and VOD content; ORION for 24 × 7 trusted monitoring of linear / live video broadcast; WINNOW for content classification and compliance; VEGA for in-depth media analysis, offering debugging and content compliance; and BMP, a powerful industrial-grade multimedia player.

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